Friday, April 22, 2005


Would you want to go to a school that makes you wear uniforms? Yes? No? Well what if we had one? How would you feel about it? Would it make your early mornings easier with out having to stand in front of your closet for an hour staring at your clothes thinking of what you should wear?

If we did have to wear uniforms, I would kind of like it in a way and also hate it too. Having uniforms would make my mornings much more easier because usually I sit and just stare at my closet for 30 minutes or more and it makes me mad when I have nothing to wear. And if we did, no one would get made fun of what they wear like Abercrombie, Volcom, American Eagle, and all that other sorts of clothes. So if we had uniforms it would make my mornings a lot easier and I don't think people would get made fun of for what they wear.. Because everyone would be wearing the same thing.

Also, if we had uniforms, I would hate it too. I would hate it because everyone is wearing the same thing. No one can be there own individual. And you would have to wash your uniforms every single night. Some uniforms are cute and some are plain out ugly!! Yeah, if we had ugly uniforms, I don't think I would like it, at least have something to wear that is something cute.

So should we have uniforms? Yes? No?